Quote from Doctor Who (Free Wallpaper!)

Doctor Who Quote Wallpaper

This is the most complicated hand-lettering I've worked on so far. I wanted to get some more practice with complicated text and break in my new sketchbook. I've included a few shots of my process here.

I'd originally intended to reverse the text when inking it, but my hand wasn't steady enough to get the lines as nice as I would like, so instead I used some color to fill in the circle. This looks nice enough for a sketchbook piece but I decided to use the pencil version after scanning it since it has some nice shading and texture to it.

Of course, the benefit of practice and getting better is that you learn a few things. For example, from this one I've learned that I should use a different pencil (this one dug into the page a bit too much which didn't cover well when coloring).

I may end up creating a vector version of this in the future (again, some good practice) but for now I've created this wallpaper - if you like it, feel free to download and use it as your background.

Download wallpaper (1920x1080)

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