To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be wallpaper

I saw a sugar skill image recently (being stuck behind a car at a light can get you thinking) and thought that it would be interesting to do some sort of illustration with one. Since I've been working on my lettering lately, my thoughts naturally drifted that way and I was reminded of the famous scene in Hamlet - "To be or not to be; that is the question."

My lovely husband helpfully provided some background on the quote for me. I've heard that quote several times and have read the play a few times, but not for many years, so it was interesting to me to hear about the meaning of the speech. Apparently it's about suicide - not such a lovely subject - but is written in a unique way for a play. What I have read more recently (and is a more fun read, in my opinion) is Ryan North's book, To Be or Not to Be, which is Hamlet in a funny, choose-your-own-adventure format.

Anyway, this was a relatively quick project for me, since the lettering is intentionally not very uniform and quite rounded. I actually really enjoyed drawing these letter forms - there's something fun about just going for it. I wish I had worked a little more with the skull form on this one, but overall I like the effect.

I've placed this design for sale on a variety of products at my Society6 and DeviantArt pages. If you want it on a mug, tee-shirt, pillow, clock, or even a duvet cover...

Purchase this on Society 6Purchase this on DeviantArt

I've also created a wallpaper that you can use for a background on your computer - download it below if you're interested.

[genericon icon=download] Download wallpaper (1280x1024)

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