Octopus’ Garden Illustration

Octopus' Garden Illustration

I don't always complete a lot of illustrations, but I do a lot of doodling. Usually it just doesn't turn into a fully realized piece. I think the catalyst for completing this was that I wanted to try something new that didn't involve a lot of digital time. I don't mind working digitally, but I find it difficult to sit in front of a computer at night after being near one all day, unless I have a deadline.

For this project I wanted to try out a new colored pencil technique I has seen some art using in a similar fashion. Very bright colors, distinctive lines, using some colors where you wouldn't expect them (like orange in the water). It reminded me a bit of Starry Night.

I had previously sketched an octopus collecting stars just as a fun relaxing thing to do, never intending to finish it further. I like drawing octopi, they've got a lot of ways you can pose them and because they're so squishy it's hard to worry too much about perfect line work. So when I thought of doing a flowy, line-heavy technique, this sketch came to mind. Both water and flowy octopus limbs - perfect.

I'm pretty pleased with the result - it's by no means perfect, but the colors turned out well and I think adding the colored pencil finish really enhanced this piece.

Octopus' Garden sketch

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