Suppressing the Truth protest sign

This Wednesday, I'll be a participating artist in the Signs of Resistance Protest Show where we're selling protest signs to raise money for ACLU MN.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the signs each artist has created.  I've had a great experience so far getting everything prepped and printed and I'm excited to finally show off what I'll be selling!

Here's the details again if you're able to attend!
Wednesday, April 19th
6-9 pm
514 Studios
514 North 3rd Street STE 101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Signs of Resistance sketch
Signs of Resistance color options

I spent a lot of time (and way too much paper) trying out ideas for this one.  Originally, I thought about going with a cursive look, and even tried out some sign painted lettering styles, but decided to go with a more expressive brush inked look.  My Pentel color brush is my go-to for that kind of work, so I spent a lot of time getting the letters just the way I wanted them.  I also tested a variety of colors to see which was the most eye-catching and interesting.  I actually really liked all of the final four color options, so if I ever go back to this piece I might have to use a different one, but I did settle on doing a red to blue gradient to really make it stand out.

Signs of Resistance final print
Me holding my sign

It's printed on a super thick (50 lbs illustration board) paper so it's pretty sturdy and can be held up in the air without any problems.  The ink provides a little depth to the poster as well, since it's slightly raised where the colors are printed.

If you're at the show, you'll see this description for my sign:

Even in a “post-truth” world, universally-held facts or truths are important to being able to hold open, honest, and critical discussions.  They allow people to come together on the same page, even if they do not agree.  Truth has been under attack in many arenas lately, from silencing public science information and research, misconstruing facts or figures in debates and statements, or attacking the media as “fake” and biased. This sign states “Suppressing the truth doesn’t make it less valid” to remind people that the truth continues to be as real as always; attempting to suppress that information does not make it go away.  Hand-drawn using ink and brush lettering and edited digitally, with a red, white, and blue color-scheme.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone who came by the show!  It was a really great time and busier than I expected, which is fantastic.

Signs of Resistance Protest Event

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